App development

Developing applications for improving communication between companies and their customers.

Companies need to improve the relationship with their customers. Taking advantage of the new mobile communication channel, we develop applications for mobile phones and tablets, so customers of the companies can download from the App Markets and use.

Applications for mobile devices allow companies to be in constant touch with their customers and offer personalized attention to each individual, as we can always know, with their permission, where the client is and what they want to do. For this reason we can adapt the application according to the company customers habits.

In Mappit we analyze costumers needs and we help them to define the application they want to offer to their customers. We do all phases of the project from conceptualization to it publication and monitoring of the application use.

Conceptualization and design

  • Sessions for making project requests
  • Document conceptualization application
  • Implementation Prototype


  • Development of the application in different phases
  • Monitoring the project
  • Review of the implementation phases
  • Final Validation of the application

Setting up’s project

  • Published App markets: AppStore, Android Market, App World
  • Monitoring the number of downloads
  • Time used by the users
  • Final Document assessment