Process optimization

Development of applications to optimize and improve internal processes of the companies.

Companies constantly need to improve, reduce costs, be more productive and increase the service quality, etc… In Mappit we believe that the use of mobile phones and tablets in the internal procedures of the companies can help significantly to achieve their improvement goals.

We offer tailored applications to each costumer for mobile phones and tablets within the internal procedures of the companies. From anywhere and at anytime we can receive notices, make any enquiry about stock, production, orders, records, non conformances and take the necessary actions to follow the procedure: make orders, billing validation, etc…

All those procedures that our costumers want to optimise, we study the procedure, we propose how the application should be, we develop it and we finally put it in place.

Study to optimize workflow

  • Workflow analysis sessions
  • Current workflow documentation
  • Optimization Proposal

Concept and Design

  • Requirement making session
  • Document conceptualization of the application
  • Application prototype


  • Application Development Phases
  • Monitoring the project
  • Review of the implementation phases
  • Final validation of the application

Setting up’s project

  • Publication of the application

  • Installation on different computers
  • Change management
  • Training of computer users