Developing applications for mobile devices based on mapping.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS ) are the result of the application of the so-called Information Technology ( IT ) in the management of Geographic Information ( GI).
Thanks to publication standards and download online mapping defined by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), businesses and citizens have access to a lot of mapping and geographic data for their own use, in a quick, efficient and guaranteed interoperability. They are responsible for applications through SDI ( Spatial Data Infrastructure ) , Geographic Information access and present it to the user for consumption.
In this context, mobile applications can be a powerful tool for request and management of geo -referenced , where a user can display different thematic mapping in relation to its absolute position. New technologies applied to geographic information, have opened a huge range of possibilities in the management and use of data that have a component becoming more and more important, the user’s position .
The optimized use of this new technology can be very useful for companies that one way or another use mapping and geo-referenced and can be a key factor in optimizing resources.
From Mappit develop app for viewing by the standards defined mapping. In cases where it is necessary to have a specific mapping , we adapt the application to the OGC standards for display on the mobile device and the correct placement of elements on it. In turn define the layers necessary for viewing from the app.

Conceptualization and design

  • Sessions for making project requests
  • Document conceptualization application
  • Implementation Prototype


  • Development of the application in different phases
  • Monitoring the project
  • Review of the implementation phases
  • Final Validation of the application

Setting up’s project

  • Published App markets: AppStore, Android Market, App World
  • Monitoring the number of downloads
  • Time used by the users
  • Final Document assessment