Energy consumption


Developing an app for consulting energy consumption and associated costs. Using the app to respond to questions from online surveys, by the end user.

  • App for iPhone and Android devices
  • Notifications: Receiving notifications to those users who have questions awaiting answers in the app
  • Native App with HTML5 elements: App mixed, combining native elements with remote elements developed using HTML5
  • External web services: Requesting information external web services

Mirubee is a startup founded in late 2011 with support from Wayra, the accelerator of business ideas Telefónica.
The objective is to get the Mirubee home user have a useful and affordable to understand how the energy spent at home tool.

KinderTIC platform


Development of an app for the management and communication of kindergartens. Permanent communication between school and parents, receipt of notifications. All members of the educational community will be informed at all times of the events at the school.

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Receiving and sending push notifications
  • Native App
  • Requesting data on external servers

KinderTIC is a management tool that enriches the pedagogical work of children’s education centers, improves communication among all members of the educational community (management team, teachers, families …) and promotes the center’s sustainability.
KinderTIC also favors the integral development of children: encouraging cohesion among all those involved in their education and simplifying the educational task of each of the roles.



Development of an app for the payment and management of LAWASH self-service laundry services. Reception of notifications and promotions.

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Receiving and sending push notifications
  • Sinchro data with external server
  • Geolocation self-service centers

La Wash is a state of the art machinery launderette very user friendly, fast and low cost service.

Wifi network monitoring


Native app developed for iOS and Android to request state and management of the SocialwiBox wifi network.

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Alarms generation with notificacions push
  • Requesting pdf documents
  • Requesting connections state in real time
Socialwibox is the Plug & Play platform to turn the wifi you offer your customers the best marketing tool for your business. With guaranteed safety for your company and your customers, ease of use, regular statistics and effective campaigns you get increase in number I like and check-in of your Facebook page and spreading the loyalty of the best possible way your business on social networks.



Developing an app that allows companies to cover unforeseen work and employees automatically, fast and functional, saving time and costs. With a simple request the company can contact all employees and external employees to cover a job in a short period of time.

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Receiving push notifications
  • Sinchro data with server
  • Geolocation device
OnJob is the new app that solves unexpected issues in a few simple steps. A complete platform to manage emergency personnel from a computer, a tablet or a mobile.



Developing an app as platform to connect with customers to solve unforeseen and send communications and promotions. Optimizing communication between client and supplier.

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Receiving push notifications
  • Sinchro data with server
  • Geolocation device

Live Timig

Al Kamel Systems

Development of a webapp for monitoring motor sports events. During testing, the application displays the time of the drivers in real time. The data of all the sporting events planned, and the position of the drivers on the circuit are also showed.

Using the corresponding color code displays the current path of the pilot in real time.

  • App multiplatform: Accessible from mobile phones and tablets iOS – Android and PC
  • Updating real-time data: The data displayed on the screen is updated in real time. Technology has been used for refreshment socket IO Data
  • Scrollbar and transition between screens: To develop screen transitions, we used jQueryMobile libraries

Al Kamel Systems is a company specialising in timing, data processing, connectivity and graphic design for television production of high-level sporting events, with a special focus on motor sports.
Incorporated in 2004, the company’s main offices are located in the town of L’Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona) very close to the Circuit de Catalunya, where we first began to provide services and continue to do so today.

App to give up smoking


Developing a mobile app for Android and iOS, so the user can give up smoking. The application reproduces sound therapy, and reminder for the user to achieve the objective. To hear the therapy is necessary to make a single payment to unlock the application.

  • Android and iOS: Application accessible to Android and iOS devices
  • Link to the payment Google Wallet and Apple inApp Purchase, para realizar el pago seguro, for secure payment of therapy
  • Use file extension because of the size of the application
  • Link with social networks
Multidisciplinary team of technicians and therapists.

Claims for damages


App developing for iOS devices, the main aim of sending data on accidents, claims for back injuries and damages.

  • Native App for iOS platform
  • Geolocation device for sending data to the nearest office
  • Geolocation device to display the contact details of the nearest office
  • Emergency call button directly to the 112 emergency service
Company specializing in claims for damages for injuries. Expert team of lawyers are specialists in the field of civil responsability.

Media playback platform


MoreViewed had an app available for Smart TV, for media playback. We worked on the migration app for tablets (iPad – Android) and LG Smart TV platform. The application allows video playback from an external database or platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Access external database. Upon loading the app, it can access a database to collect data to show the user videos
  • Playing video streaming, YouTube and Vimeo. The application enables playback of different data sources
  • Possibility to filter the data based filters and text input
  • App platform, tablets and Smart TV: Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Android, iPad

MoreViewed has been created for a telcom engineers and managers with long experience in ICT companies. MoreViewed will give you all support you need to be present on Smart TV, analising your needs and giving you the best solution.
MoreViewed means to give you the opportunity to be seen in new Smart TV Platforms.

Monitoring temperatures and power consumption

Developing an app for monitoring, consulting energy consumption and temperatures in a company. From the app you can view the floor of the building, showing colors those parameters out of range. At the same time you can view the dashboard of each zone, from which displays real-time parameters of that particular zone, and you can be consulted in the historical values ​​generated graphics.
From the app you can also check the alerts generated by the system, verify the parameters out of range. The app query the data in real time to an i.LON SmartServer.
The app has been distributed in Adhoc our client devices without the need to publish the application in the markets, the app is for internal company use.

  • iPad app.
  • Update data in real-time data displayed on screen by accessing the updated monitoring SmartServer installed in the company.
  • Using the CorePlot to display data graphics.
  • Generating alerts for parameters outside the range recommended or allowed.