Technological investment required

We analyse whether the development and implementation of new applications in our clients are viable.

Those companies which want to optimise their processes with the use of applications for mobile phones and tablets, but previously, they need to assess the project viability, Mappit offers the service for its study. Then they can assess whether the project is viable and really provides benefit to the procedure and can achieve the aims.
We analyze the viability of the project, the technical architecture necessary in the event that the project is viable, our clients decide investment and we define the project plan and specify the duration to execute it and achieve the goal.
We provide the management service and monitoring of the project when our clients decide to run the project. We help them to manage the project in order to ensure success.

Current situation study

  • Analysis sessions of the current situation
  • Analysis of the current technical architecture

Definición de objectivos e inversión

  • Sesiones de toma de requerimientos
  • Concretar los objetivos a alcanzar
  • Concretar la inversión máxima anual

Definition of goals and investment

  • Plan projects
  • Planning

Implementation of the projects plans

  • Monitoring of project execution
  • Assessment of the goals
  • Changes in the project, the result of its execution